Alcerion: The World Reborn is a campaign based directly on the events of the 3.5 campaign “Quest For the Savior’s Star” and my default setting for all subsequent Dungeons and Dragons games I run. It is the joint creation of my first D&D group, my way of saying thanks to them for all the memories, laughs, and patience.

Six Things to Know About Alcerion

1. The universe is new. Compared to the previous universe, Alcerion is quite young. Much of the world is unexplored, divine domains remain empty, and portions of creation are still “cooling”. The novelty of this world allows for immense potential, both for player characters and story telling.

2. The universe has been remade. Alcerion was created from the fragments of a previous universe. Even the gods themselves were mere mortal heroes in that world. Because the world was remade, not created from nothing, the world is both old and young. Secrets from that world, like the true name of the gods, may exist somewhere.

3. Fragments survived. The gods were not the only beings who survived the rebirth of the world. Many of their friends and allies were reborn as exarches. Some immensely powerful, but not divine beings from the old world also have carried over, such as demon lords, the arch devils, and the Court of Stars.

4. A fantastic world. More so than other settings, Alcerion is full of fantastic and epic geography. Impossibly tall mountains, waterfalls of prismatic color, sunken cities, floating islands, and tornados of fire are just some of the wonders adventurers may encounter. This is not to say they are common place, but they would be known to all but the most sheltered bumpkin.

5. Morality is complicated. While the deities do have alignments and their edicts incline others towards that alignment, they are not set in stone. The general nature of each deity allows for wiggle room, meaning it is not impossible to have an evil worshipper of the Shining Blade. Likewise, morality is not as easily determined as it once was.

6. Different packaging, same flavor. Just about anything you could imagine from other editions and settings of D&D can find a place in Alcerion with minor tweaking, but never betraying the original feel of it. For example, the drow exist in Alcerion and are as a scheming, backstabbing, and evil as always. But rather than serving the insane Lolth, they revere the Black Sovereign. Their penchant for poison derives from their underhanded methods, and their connection to spiders could be explained in any number of ways (web of intrigue, remnants of Lolth worship, etc.)

Alcerion: The World Reborn